Pool Filtration System

Pool Filtration System

Right Water System Brand High-flow Multiport valves which are matched with Right Water System sand fi lters are designed for maximum performance and working pressure. The top and side mount designs with 1.5” (50mm) and 2” (63mm) unions are convenient for different installation and market requirement. The valves are connected with PVC pipe. We’re purposed to make our valves to the top standards in the world.

Features & Advantages
100% water leakage, pressure and performance
• tested.Action handle with durable level
.• Unions offered in Imperial or Metric standard.
• 6 position, positive-lock operation provides
• access to a full range of filtration.Sight glass included.• Oil pressure gauge included.
• 3 Unions offered in Imperial or Metric
• standard.

Our advanced swimming pool filtration systems are designed to ensure crystal-clear water and optimal hygiene for your pool. Our swimming pool filtration systems utilize cutting-edge technology and high-quality filtration media to effectively remove impurities, debris, and contaminants from the pool water, providing a safe and enjoyable swimming experience for users. Whether it’s a residential, commercial, or public pool, our filtration systems are engineered to deliver superior performance, reliability, and ease of maintenance. With Right Water System’s swimming pool filtration systems, you can trust that your pool water will always be clean, clear, and inviting, enhancing the overall enjoyment of your swimming pool experience.

Multiport Valve (Six position)
1. FILTER:- Normal Filtration and Vacuuming.
2. BACKWASH:- Cleaning Filter by reversing the fl ow.
3. RINSE:- Use after backwash to flush dirt from valve.
4. WASTE:- By-passes filter, used for vacuuming to waste or lowering water level.
5. RECIRCULATE:- By-passes filter for circulating water to the pool.
6. CLOSED:- Shuts off all flow to filter or pool.A 2.0A 1.5AS 2.0AS 1.5


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